Cocaine chords

The Cruel Sea


Australia Song: Cocaine Artist: The Cruel Sea Album: Where Theres Smoke Tabbed by: Tits The main riff for Cocaine (i am sure this is very close). e-----------------------------|----------------------------| B-----------------------------|----------------------------| G-----------------------------|----------------------------| D---7-7-7-7---------7--10b--7-|-7-7-7-7---------7--------7-|Repeat A------------7--10------------|----------7--10-----10-10---| E-----------------------------|----------------------------| Tabbed by chris prest (Tits) email-removed ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Song: Cocaine Artist: The Cruel Sea Album: Where theres smoke Original: Dillenger Tabbed By: Chris This is the main riff for Cocaine as i hear it. e---------------------------------------------- B---------------------------------------------- G---------------------------------------------- D---------------------------------------------- A----------------3b---------------------------- E--0-0-0-2--3--5----5----0-0-0-2-3-5-3b-5------ PM PM Palm mute the open E and F # - gradually lift the mute. This is just about perfect if you listen to song. I think Public Enemy's sampled this for Shake your Booty. I haven't heard shake your booty for a while, but it think its exactly the same. Either that or something like: A----------------3b------------------3b--------- E--0-0--0---3--5----5----5-5--5--3-5-----5------ Can someone with some ability tab some Cruel Sea songs.