Shark Fin Blues chords

The Drones


D D C D A/C# x2 Bm / D A Em D/F# Standing on the deck I watch my shadow stretch G D The sun pours my shadow upon that deck A Em D/F# The waters licking round my ankles now G D There ain't no sunshine way way down A Em D/F# I see the sharks are in the water like slicks of ink G D Well, there's one there bigger than a submarine A Em D/F# As he circles I look in his eye G D I see Jonah in his belly by the campfire light D A Em D/F# Oh, an albatross up in the windy lofts G D He's beating his wings while he sleeps it off A Em D/F# I hear the jettisoned cries from his dreams unkind G D Yeah they're whippin' my ears like a riding crop A Em D/F# The captain once as able as a fink dandy G D He's now laid up in the galley like a dried out mink A Em D/F# He's laying dying of thirst and he says or I think G D Well, we're gonna be alone from here on in Em D Well you're all my brothers, and you have been kind Em D But what were you expecting to find? G Bm Now your eyes turn inwards, countenance turns blank C And I'm floating away on a barrel of pain Bm It looks like nothing but the sea and sky oh remain Solo: A Em D/F# G D X 4 D A Em D/F# I sing na na nana nananana na G D Na na nana nananana na (Na na's X 4) D A Em D/F# A harpoon's shaft is short and wide G D A grappling hook's is cracked and dry A Em D/F# I said, why don't you get down in the sea G D Turn the water red like you want to be? A Em D/F# Cause if I cry another tear I'll be turned to dust G D No the sharks won't get me they don't feel loss A Em D/F# Just keep one eye on the horizon man, you best not blink G D They're coming fin by fin until the whole boat sinks A Em D/F# Fin by fin G D Fin by fin A Em D/F# Fin by fin G D Fin by fin by fin by fin D G/D D G/D A/D D G/D A/D D G/D A/D FIN :-) Note: G/D - This is a D chord slid up to the 7th fret. A/D - This is a D chord slid up to the 9th fret. Like in Travelling Wilbury's "End of the line".