Mispent Youth chords

The Living End


r=release bend Intro - play really fast E D# A# A G# ---------66------ ---------66------ ----99-8-44------ ----99-8-88-77-6- x4 ----77-6-88-77-6- -00------66-55-4- Verse - first riff B D A E ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ----------6/77777777------------99---99- -99999999-6/77777777-77777777---99---99- -99999999-4/55555555-77777777---77---77- -77777777------------55555555-00---00--- Verse - second riff B D E D E C ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- ----------6/77777777---9-6/777777---9-4/555555 -99999999-6/77777777---9-6/777777---9-4/555555 -99999999-4/55555555---7-4/555555---7-2/333333 -77777777-------------0-0----------0-0-------- Chorus These are just the chord progressions. You'll have to listen to the CD for the timing and the strumming. F C# D A# -------------------- -------------------- -10----------7------ -10----10----7----8- -8-----10----5----8- -------8----------6- Play the intro twice, then the verse and chorus again, and then comes the solo (special thanks to Steve Alexander for this) ------------------------------------------------ --------------------5p3p0----------------------- ------------2b(4)-2-------4p2p0-2p0-2b(4-5-6)r2- ---------234------------------------------------ ------123--------------------------------------- -0-345------------------------------------------ -0-3b(!)-----0---------------- --------3b(!)--3b(!)--8b(12)-- ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ and then he just hits some random notes on the high E and B strings around the 5th fret before heading into the rhythm break, which is just a little riff repeated A--------5-------- E-7/-000---000-5- this is played for 2 bars, then A----7-6------- (lightly hit higher notes from respective chord) E--0-----6h7p6- played for 3 bars, end with rapid strumming of the E chord on the 7th fret And then it's just the verse and chorus. Outro, play same as intro