Mispent Youth chords

The Living End


Simplify chords 

  			r=release bend 
Intro - play really fast 
    E D# A# A G# 
----99-8-88-77-6- x4 
Verse - first riff 
 B	    D          A          E     
Verse - second riff 
B	    D		     E D          E C 
These are just the chord progressions.  You'll have to listen to the  
CD for the timing and the strumming. 
 F     C#    D   A# 
Play the intro twice, then the verse and chorus again, and 
then comes the solo (special thanks to Steve Alexander for this)  
and then he just hits some random notes on the high E and B strings 
around the 5th fret before heading into the rhythm break, which is just a  
little riff repeated 
this is played for 2 bars, then 
A----7-6------- (lightly hit higher notes from respective chord) 
played for 3 bars, end with rapid strumming of the E chord on the 7th fret 
And then it's just the verse and chorus. 
Outro, play same as intro