West End Riot chords

The Living End


Solo By Nathan email-removed (Everyone!! go to http://alltorndown.cjb.net for the best tle fan site! Intro: e-------------------0-7-7-0-7-0-- b-8-8-8-7-7-7-8-8---------------- g-------------------------------- (x4) d-------------------------------- a-------------------------------- e-------------------------------- then, e-3-2-0-------------------------------------------- b-------3-0---------------------------------------- g-----------2-0------------------------------------ d---------------4-2--2-2------------2-2------------ a------------------------2-2-3-3-4------2-2-3-3-4-- (x2) e-------------------------------------------------- Strum an E chord. e------------------- e---- Verse: b------------------- b---- g------------------- g---- d------------------- d---- a-----2-2-3-3------- (x14) but every so often an E chord is played instead of the a---- e-0-0---------3-2--- e-0-- Chorus: E - D - D# (repeat) B - E - C - G A - B - C - D - E Verse Bridge: G - C (x4) A - D (x3) B - E - B - C - D(D# E)