Second Solution chords

The Living End


Australia Second Solution by The Living End u> Intro: not entirely sure, these are the notes I can pick out ------- ----33- ----22- play 4 times ------- --2---- -0----- Pre-verse riff B F G C ------------- ------------- -44-------55- played twice -44-44-55-55- -22-44-55-33- ----22-33---- Verse riff B C F --------------- --------------- -444444444-5--- -444444444-5-4- -222222222-3-4- -------------2- play 3 times, then on last line play: B A G F G A B F ----------------- ----------------- -4-2-------2-4--- -4-2-5-4-5-2-4-4- -2-0-5-4-5-0-2-4- -----3-2-3-----2- Chorus Play these chords with your 1st finger barred across the fret,and lightly hit the G + B strings while strumming B G What i wanna know, is will i get death row? B F Or is there a second solution B A# A G What i wanna say, is will i die today? F * Or will i get second solution * is where the guitar stops playing Then the intro is played again, followed by the verse and chorus, then Chris plays the B chord 4 times followed by the last line verse riff (minus the last F chord), and then he goes into a solo which I can't play (although I haven't made much of an attempt at it). The pre-verse riff is played 4 times, before the 1st verse and chorus is repeated. Then comes the quiet part, which is just arpeggioed power chords (I think): B C F ----------- ----------- ---4--5---- played 4 times, then strum the same pattern quickly --4---5-4-- 4 times. -2---3--4-- -------2--- Finish with ------------------ ------------------ -4-4-4-4--5-5----- x3 -4-4-4-4--5-5-4-4- -2-2-2-2--3-3-4-4- --------------2-2- Outro: B A G F G A B u>