Cat In Sunshine chords

The Lucksmiths


Simplify chords 

  			D            A                   G     
You tell me you don't like the way I comb my hair 
          D                  A           G                                  
But there are two of us at this table only one of us doesn't care 
      D               A                 G 
Your so engrossed in what you read and your not really there 
       D                A              G    
Can tell you all my troubles and all you say is yeah, yeah, yeah 
D A G progression X2 
D                A             G 
Televisions off tonight and I heard somebody cry outside 
Smells of spring are everywhere getting mixed up with my own 
Could of sworn I heard you say this house was not your home 
Medicine cabinet is your only friend and your greatest fear is a telephone 
Here it comes again 
Chorus ? 
You look like so many adjectives, but what you are is what I'm not 
You come round here in a brand new shirt and announce that your a brand new girl 
But you stole that line and your probably stole the shirt as well 
Some times I have to wonder why I don't take an inch when you gave me a mile 
It's got more to do with stupidity than it has to do with style 
Every time you come round here I never know just what you'll wear 
And I'm sitting here in yesterday's underwear 
Do you have to try hard to look as though you really couldn't care 
A friend once told me apathy looked good on her 
You look like so many similes, but what you are is a cat in sunshine  
a cat in sunshine (the bum-dum-da-da-da bit)   
And when your near it feels like D-day is here 
All those songs about burning houses is giving me idea's 
If I hear those words once more I'll pour the petrol on the floor 
And I'll watch the flames caress your door 
You look like so many analogies, but what you are is a cat in sunshine 
a cat in sunshine, a canary in a coal mine, ah ah.