Summer Town chords

The Lucksmiths


Intro: D A (x2) D A I’ll drop you a postcard, I’ll pick up my pen D C#m Bm Miranda Street’s deserted, it’s winter again D A G D Give me ten minutes and I’ll paint you a picture D A Of holiday houses where the sun won’t shine D C#m Bm And the paint is peeling around the ’vacancy’ sign D A G D Where it’s winter forever, whatever the weather G D And these are my autumn years D A And this is the town where the girl got run down D C#m Bm Pale sun in the pine trees, her golden hair on the ground D A G D Her body crumpled and I was sick by the side of the road G D The sun goes down on the town where the sun never rose D A D C#m Bm D A G D D A I’m waiting for December, I’m waiting for September D C#m Bm I’m waiting for the tide to come back in D A G D Give me fifteen seconds and I’ll show you around G D Where I end is where I begin G D There’s nothing inbetween D A Kicking a stone along Miranda Street D C#m Bm Stepping on cracks in the concrete D With a head full of loose change A And a pocket full of ideas G A D A D A I could walk forever and never get out of here D A This is the town where the girl got run down D C#m Bm And this is the town where the postman was drowned D A G D And this is the town where that foundling was found G D And the name round his neck was mine G A Bm A How could it ever be so cold in summertime? G A D I’m too young to be so old in Summer Town G D x4 Summer Town