The Ballad Of Lester Walker chords

the Plunderers


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F#m                                                                                                 B  C   C#  
Lester Walker wasn?t a great talker, went to parties but always stood alone.  
F#m         A                              B                    D          C# 
People amused him, he was always looking on, but now our Lester Walker?s gone 
Am                  C                    D      Dm                                        Am             C                    D 
Our Lester?s gone from our home that?s what his mother cried. He doesn?t even phone to tell  
                 Dm Am                      C                 D                    Dm         Am                   C  
her how he is. His room?s the same as when he was just a little boy, she knows that he?ll  
                D      Dm 
return someday, yeah she knows he will. 
              F#m                     E                 F#m                    E               F#m                      E                           
But then in the morning paper, Lester reads that Sid is dead, got stabbed in the park late last  
B C C#  
F#m                        A                       B                      D                             C# 
Lester cries out in pain, runs to the window and releases himself, now side by side they lie in  
the infirmary.  
tabbed by Nic Dalton 
sent by Christian Schlachter