Shivers chords

The Screaming Jets


Transcribed by Phil Annetta (email-removed) This is one of the best Australian songs ever - and it only has two chords! - G and Cadd9 Cadd9 E__3___ B__3___ G__0___ D__2___ A__3___ E______ Verse 1 G Cadd9 I?ve been contemplating suicide G Cadd9 But it really doesn?t suit my style G Cadd9 So I think I?ll just act bored instead G Cadd9 To contain the blood I could have shed Bridge G Cadd9 She makes me feel so weary G Cadd9 My heart is really on its knees G Cadd9 But I keep a poker face so well G Cadd9 That even mother could not tell Chorus G Cadd9 That my baby?s so vain, she is almost a mirror G Cadd9 And the sound of her name sends a permanent shiver G Cadd9 Down my spi-i-i-i-i-i-ine G Cadd9 Down my spi-i-i-i-i-i-ine V2 Well I keep her photograph near my heart Cause in my life she plays a starring part Our love could hold on cigarettes There is no room for these cheap regrets Repeat bridge Repeat chorus