All My Friends Are Getting Married chords

The Skyhooks


transcribed by email-removed key: h=hammer on s>> or s<<=slideup or slide down b=bend note up intro:
e-----------8-------9---------10----------12----------------------- b-----6h8------7h9------8h10------10h12------------------------------ g--------------------------------------------------------------------------- d--------------------------------------------------------------------------- a--------------------------------------------------------------------------- e--------------------------------------------------------------------------- e--------------------------------------------------------------------------- b--------------------------------------------------------------------------- g--------------------------------------------------------------------------- d----12s>>14--14---12---12s>>14---12---10----------------------- a-------------------------------------------12----------------- e--------------------------------------------------------------------------- e---------------------12----------------------------------------------- b----13--13--13--15--------15---13------------------------------------ g--------------------------------------------------------------------------- d--------------------------------------------------------------------------- a--------------------------------------------------------------------------- e--------------------------------------------------------------------------- e-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- b-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- g--------------------------------------4--5--7--5--7--5--7b9--7b9--5------ d----------------------------3--5--7-------------------------------------------- a------------------3--5--7------------------------------------------------------ e--------3--5--7----------------------------------------------------------------
*there's a fair chance that this isn't 100% correct at the end there, but its too quick to sit there and disect every note, so this is just a scale from C major that sounds fairly close. Chorus: E D A E D A Well all my friends are getting married, yes they're all growing old E D A D E C They're all staying home on the weekend, they're all doing what they're told Verse 1: C E F E C E F G F E D Well i looked into the crowd, the other night, and i saw an old familiar face C E F E C E F G F F E E D D C He said 'how are you doing Shirl my boy?', he said 'tell me, are you playing the same old place C E F E C E F E G A Bb B I asked him all about himself, and he said that he was married with a kid C E F E C E F E G F F E E D D C Showed me a picture of his wife, and we talked about all those things we did Chorus: Solo:(I'm sure you'll excuse me for not working out a 30 second solo) Verse 2: Chorus: Verse 3: Chorus: *** Key change *** A G# F# A G# F# Well all my friends are getting married, yes they're all growing old A G# F# F# G# E C They're all staying home on the weekend, they're all doing what they're told