Following My Own Tracks chords

The Whitlams


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  			Recorded by the Whitlams ("Undeniably ...") 
The Shouties ("Colossus") 
and McBodybag ("We Know The Bassplayer") 
Written by the late great Stevie Plunder, 1963-1996 
Loved and dearly missed 
Transcribed by Mark Na-Na ([email protected]) 
A                      D 
It's getting harder to decide 
Which way I should go 
Should I let myself down fast. 
I don't think I wanna know 
E               C#m 
It's always said    but understated 
D                    E 
Just how hard it can be 
A                   D 
I've seen this road before, 
and it's so hard to believe 
That I'll be back this way again, 
until I told myself to leave 
E              C#m 
They never said   it was going to be easy 
      D                                  E 
But I didn't know just how hard it would be 
     A                    D 
I go round and round, I'm lost and found 
Never happy in the middle, gotta be up or down 
Just when I think that I've found level ground 
I turn around and destroy all the love I've found 
A                        D 
Self destruction's kinda dumb, 
But if you do it well 
You can find your heaven 
If you can handle hell 
E              C#m 
It's all a part   of understanding 
D                         Bm 
just how strange life can be 
E           C#m 
Living a lie   becomes so easy 
    D                     E 
but now I just want to be free 
       A                 D 
I feel inside out, never thought I'd doubt 
my ability to work it all out 
Going forward to fall back, working hard to relax 
I never thought that I would be following my own tracks 
      A       D 
Going round