Mama's Goin' Out chords

The Whitlams


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  			Recorded by the Whitlams ("Introducing ...") 
and Whopping Big Naughty ("Bullet in the Head Job") 
Written by Stanley Claret 
(the artist formally known as Justin Credible) 
Transcribed by Mark Na-Na ([email protected]) 
e --------------------------------- 
B ---3----------------3------------ 
G -4---4--2--0---0--4---2--0----0-- 
D -------------2--------------2---- 
C                        G 
Mama's going out, better put some more petrol on 
D                      G 
Three cheers for mama, yeaaahh 
C                                  G 
When she started screaming, nearly pissed my pants with joy 
           D                                             G 
'Cause she loves me and she wanted me to be a happy boy 
repeat chords, yell stuff