Where's The Enemy? chords

The Whitlams


Performed by the Whitlams, but composed by Tim Hall, who sings and plays guitar on the track. Tune your bottom string down to D. Opening/verse riff: (note measure A & B) let ring|------ e------------------------------------ b------------------------------------ g----0-0---0-0----------------------- d---2-----1------4------------------- A a---------------5--4h5p4----4-5-7---- d--2-----1-----0----------7---------- ------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- ----------------0-----0-------------- ----3-----4----1-1---1-1------------- B ---3-3---2-4--------3---------------- --3-----4-----1---------------------- Repeat over verse: He thinks it's best to criticise his own kind An animal of greed, best to sew that social seed I thought by my thoughts all would come clear to me Yeah I can shoot a gun, maybe I should join the army. Chorus: -------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- ----0----0----0-----0----0----0----0-- ---0-0--0-0--0-0---0-0--0-0--0-0--0-0- --2----0----------3----2----0--------- ------------5--------------------5---- -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- ----0----0----0-----0----0----0----0-----0-- ---0-0--0-0--0-0---0-0--0-0--0-0--0-0---0-0- --3----2----0----------3----2----------0---- ------------------5--------------5---------- Is there a quiet place to lie? Maybe watch this all go by Wonder how can we survive Wasting energy, where's the enemy? Verse 2: I'd soldier on and walk the curvy line so straight But I would fall behind, maybe I am not so blinded You talk of so much pity that is self-related Blaming not yourself, said the fault lies somewhere else. Chorus: Repeated when the feeling's high I wish it all could just rely On the depth of you and I Wasting energy, where's the enemy? Bridge: Measure A of the intro several times, Then Measure B. Then when Tim is murmuring, noodle around this shape: Brackets indicate notes to play with. ---------- ---------- --0------- --2-(0)--- --x----(4) --2------- Then finish on the C chord that ends Measure B: ------ ------ ----0- ---2-- --3--- ------ And back into another chorus! Chorus repeats, slows, and finishes the song with the Em chord: ----- ----- --0-- --2-- --2-- --2--