Where's The Enemy? chords

The Whitlams


Simplify chords 

  			Performed by the Whitlams, but composed by Tim Hall, who sings and plays 
guitar on the track. 
Tune your bottom string down to D. 
Opening/verse riff: (note measure A & B) 
                  let ring|------ 
d---2-----1------4-------------------  A 
----3-----4----1-1---1-1-------------  B 
Repeat over verse: 
He thinks it's best to criticise his own kind 
An animal of greed, best to sew that social seed 
I thought by my thoughts all would come clear to me 
Yeah I can shoot a gun, maybe I should join the army. 
Is there a quiet place to lie? 
Maybe watch this all go by 
Wonder how can we survive 
Wasting energy, where's the enemy? 
Verse 2: 
I'd soldier on and walk the curvy line 
so straight 
But I would fall behind, maybe I am not  
so blinded 
You talk of so much pity that is 
Blaming not yourself, said the fault lies  
somewhere else. 
Repeated when the feeling's high 
I wish it all could just rely 
On the depth of you and I 
Wasting energy, where's the enemy? 
Measure A of the intro several times, 
Then Measure B. 
Then when Tim is murmuring, noodle around this shape: 
Brackets indicate notes to play with.  
Then finish on the C chord that ends Measure B: 
And back into another chorus! 
Chorus repeats, slows, and finishes the song with the Em chord: