Why Doesn't Andy? chords

The Whitlams


Simplify chords 

  			This song will be familiar to anyone who knows the Whitlams' older song 
"10 or 11 Drink Clown." This song was transcribed on guitar, so in the 
verses, it's not wholly accurate: Tim's piano right hand plays the below 
chords while his left hand plays  syncopated lead-in notes to the root of 
the chord. 
I'll show the chords as chord name/bass note eg Eb/G is an Eb triad over a 
G bass note. Easy for pianists, shocking for guitarists, so guitarists, 
short of changing to a dropped tuning to enable the fingering to work, 
just play the triad not the root note eg in the above example just play Eb 
- ie follow Tim's right hand. Pianists, each chord has a lead in note on 
the off-beat before it starts, usually an F or Eb below the chord... I 
hope that makes sense! 
Eb/G       Fm/Ab 
I go to parties 
Ab                   Bb 
Head straight to the bathroom 
Eb/G           Fm/Ab 
Sit there for half an hour 
Ab            Bb 
Listen to the queue forming 
Eb  Fm  Ab              Bb 
        I Listen to the queue forming 
Eb/G      Fm/Ab 
I rise to meet them 
Ab          Bb 
Steeled for action 
        Eb/G        Fm/Ab 
but the women are empowered 
       Ab                 Bb 
with a strange and brutal hatred for me 
Cm              Eb 
Why doesnt Andy talk on stage? 
Ab                    Fm      Ab 
Why doesn't Andy act his age? 
Cm                     Eb 
Why are the birds all in my dreams? 
Fm                         Ab 
Why won't Stevie listen to me? 
Repeat to end. 
                | ^  ^ | 
               (| *  * |) 
   Daniel Meijer - Sydney, Australia. 
             [email protected]