Cont chords

Tim Minchin


verse 1 A C#m I don't like Jews Bm Neither should you E They're ethically and spiritually poor, that's a fact A C#m I don't like black people Bm It's just not acceptable E There should be some kind of law, that is that verse 2 C#m F#m And I get the s***s with Inuits Bm Bm C#m D E They get on my tits, the little bastards F#m E D And women just make me so mad E Does that make me bad, am I bad? Is that bad? verse 3 C#m F#m And the f***in' Italians I just cannot stand them Bm They really inspire my rancour E Cheating f***ing Italian wankers! A And lesbians and the bicurious C#m Make me furious Bm E It's not their fault, I know, but still... Grr! verse 4 C#m F#m And fuckin' Christians Bm Bm C#m D E I just want to punch them in their faces F#m C#m And I'm not comfortable with Muslims on the tube Bm E Fdim7 And I can't stand publicly breast-feeding mothers Verse 5 F#m C#m Bm And I hate gays who talk camply And the fuckin' Chinese make me angry Bridge F#m I hate the rich Fdim7 I hate the poor A I hate bitches B7 I hate whores Outro Bm I hate Africans C#m I hate Japanese D I hate the disabled C#m I hate Burmese Bm C#m D Yeah, I don't care about your color or your creed E A I will judge you for no reason N.C. At this point, Tim "realizes" that he's made a mistake N.C. The song begins again with the full lyrics.