Quiet - Matilda The Musical chords

Tim Minchin


Intro: Gm , G# (x2) verse 1 Gm Have you ever wondered, well I have. G# About how when I say, say red, for example. Gm There's no way of knowing if red Gm Means the same thing in your head G# As red means in my head. When someone says red Verse 2 Gm G# It's as if we are traveling at, almost the speed of light G# And we're holding a light Gm That light will still travel away from us G# At the full speed of light, which seems right in a way Cm What I'm trying to say, I'm not sure C But I wonder if inside my head C# I'm not just a bit different from some of my friends Eb These answers that come into my mind unbidden C# C These stories delivered to me fully written! C# C And when everyone shouts like they seem to like shouting C# The noise in my head is incredibly loud! C And I just wish they'd stop, my Dad and my Mum. C# And the telly and stories would stop just for once! Fm And I'm sorry, I'm not quite explaining it right. Cm C# But this noise becomes anger and the anger is light Fm And its burning inside me would usually fade. C# But it isn't today! Fm And the heat and the shouting. C# And my heart is pounding. Fm And my eyes are burning Eb Eb And suddenly everything, everything is...
Fsus2 F Quiet C Bb Like silence, but not really silent. Bb Just that still sort of quiet. Bb F C Bb Like the sound of a page being turned in a book. Dm C Bb Or a pause in a walk in the woods. F C Quiet Bb Like silence, but not really silent. F C Bb Just that nice kind of quiet. Bb F C Bb Like the sound when you lie upside down in your bed. F C Bb Just the sound of your heart in your head.
Pre-Chorus Bb And though the people around me. Bbm Their mouths are still moving. F Gm7 The words they are forming, C Cannot reach me anymore!
F And it is quiet. C And I am warm. Bb Like I've sailed. F C Bb Into the eye of the storm.
Outro: Dm C Bb End on F