So Long (as We Are Together) chords

Tim Minchin


Capo: 2st fret

INTRO: A E D E A E D E I saw your weeping eyes refleted in the window of a boeing 727 A E You looked down at the city, saw it slowly growing tiny as the sunlight D E turned Hell's Kitchen into heaven Bm E Bm You turned your face to me and I brushed your hair behind your ears E............. Said "Nothing can go wrong..." A So long as we are together E So long as we are D (open high E) so long (2x) And if we'd met today I wonder if we'd met this way would you have anything to say to me? Stare out at the breakers as our silence slowly stretches and the storm clouds darken in consipracy. You turned your face to me and I, I can't read your gaze You said nothing can go wrong. So long as we are together so long as we are so long. --------times 2 Mostly just A's and E's for the breakdown/bridge thing. Kiss these lips please, stop words forming, Just say you'll stay, until the morning, And if you go, just give me warning, Just say you'll stay, til the morning, (til the morning, til the morning, you'll stay).