Who You Are chords



These are the only chords used in the song have fun and play along with it, it's a really cool song to play!!!!!!!!! Play along to get the strum pattern it's a bit weird INTRO: E-|-0-----2-----0-----3-----2-----x-----3 B-|-2-----2-----0-----3-----3-----5-----4 G-|-2-----2-----1-----0-----4-----5-----5 D-|-2-----0-----2-----0-----4-----5-----5 A-|-0-----------2-----x-----2-----3-----3 E-|-------------0-----3------------------ A Dmaj7 E G Bm C Cm Intro/Verse A Dmaj7 Do you have to be so weird to me, and make me feel like hell A Dmaj7 I've been where I want to be forever etc..... Heavy part/ Chorus intro E E E E E E E E
G Bm C Cm I could never be to far, only want to show you who you are G Bm We could build a home of our own etc etc
Tabbed by Kev