Meanwhile chords


Transcribed by Simon Francis Any comments you can contact me at: email-removed This is probably the most psychedelic Tumbleweed song I can think of. It's a little different to most of the other songs and has this sort of great mellow sound to it. The first riff is played eight times really slow - two times for every line Richie sings. It's easy to pick up the speed when listening to the song. riff 1 {x8} |----------------------------------------------------------------| |----------------------------------------------------------------| |----------------------------------------------------------------| |----------------------------------------------------------------| |--------6---------7--6---------------5------7---5---4-----------| |-----7-----7---5--------7---------4-----4---------------5-------| Then when Richie starts singing 'The children.....' play this: riff 2 (x2) |----------------------------------------------------------------------| |----------------------------------------------------------------------| |----------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----0------0-----------0h2p0-----------0-------0-------------0-2-0---| |----2-----0----2--2-2----------2-0----2-------0-----2-2-2-2---------2-| |--3-----2---------------------------3-------2-------------------------| After this the guitarist (Lenny or Dave but no doubt it's Lenny) goes back to riff 1 which is played through 4 times. Again it's twice for every line that Richie sings. Then Richie starts singing 'The children.....' again and the guitarist goes back to riff 2 played twice. After this the song moves into the following chords |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |-----7--------4-----------------1--------7-----------------6-------| |-----7--------4--------4--------2--------7--------7--------6-------| |-----5--------2--------4--------2--------5--------7--------4-------| |-----5--------2--------2--------0--------5--------5--------4-------| I'm not sure how many times it goes through and at some point it gets a little heavier. Just listen to the song to figure out the strumming as it's real easy. The fourth chord is played a little longer than the three before it and the last chord is played for a lot longer than all the other chords. Meanwhile alone with no one to see him shine meanwhile the worlds going on outside around the bend is another climb meanwhile he's out in the mists of time the children play they light his day he'll make it home meanwhile knowing tomorrow's unknown inside and trying to understand the earth is his gypsy caravan he never plays the game "it's insane" he said he sits out in the rain awaiting change instead meanwhile in a trance