D And P Blues chords

Uncle Earl


Capo: 2st fret


I take to lovin? like a fish takes to a lake     (2x) 
C                                                  G      D7      G 
  It's early in the morning and Lord I'm still awake      yodalaytee 
I was born in the country he thinks I'm easy to rule   (2x) 
C                                                       G    D7      G 
  Well I was born in the country but I ain't nobody?s fool   yodalaytee 
I got a man in KY and one in TN     (2x) 
C                                          G       D7  G 
And if I'm lucky they both think they got me      yodalaytee 

Violin solo  

Momma says keep on lookin? if there?s something you can't find   (2x) 
C                                                  G      D7      G 
I just want one man who can ease my troubled mind     yodalaytee 

Now I take to drinkin? like a bird takes to the sky     (2x) 
C                                                        G      D7      G 
Get to feelin much better gonna sprout some wings and fly     yodalaytee 

I'm goin? to the country to meet some friends of mine      (2x) 
C                                                       G      D7      G 
Ain't no man in the country can beat that good moonshine       yodalaytee 

Violin solo  

Yodel ode layee. Yodel ode lay hee tee! 

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