Take All Of Me chords

United Live


  			  Gsus4 G 
I love  You 
                  G/D D 
all of my hope is in  You 
      Am7            Em 
Jesus Christ take my life 
            Dsus4 D 
take all of me 
A D A  D A D A 
D             A              D 
You broke the night like the sun 
              A          D          F#m7 
and healed my heart with Your great love 
D   A                D 
any trouble couldn't bear 
               A        D        Esus4  E 
You lifted me upon Your shoulders 
Love that's stronger 
          A      E 
Love that covers sin 
    D                       Bm7 
and takes the weight of the world 
  Asus A 
I love You 
                  Esus E 
all of my hope is in   You 
      Bm7            F#m7 
Jesus Christ take my life 
            Esus4  E  D2 
take all of me 
You stand upon mountain tops with me 
with You I walk through the valleys 
You gave Your only Son for me 
Your grace is all I rely on 
Asus4 A  Esus4  E  Bm7  F#m7  Esus4 
  Asus4 A   E         F#m7       D 
I love  You so, and I give up my heart to say 
  A        C#7sus4     F#m7 E D 
I need You so,      my everything 
      A  E  A/D  Bm7 
Oh Lord