Blood Talking chords



Simplify chords 

  			Introdução: Am C 
Am                                                              C 
E|---------------0---------------------        -----------------0------------------                                                      
B|------------------1------------------       ---------------------1-------------- 
G|-----------------------2-------------       --------------------------0--------- 
D|------2------------------------------       ------------2----------------------- 
A|--0----------------------------------        ----0--3--------------------------- 

Am               C        
never sang words so sad 
Am                C                 F        
i never carried the world in my head 
F          Em                F 
but the words i used to say 
                Em         F 
don't fit anymore on our way 
not even that blood talkin' 
Am            C           Am 
you'll find me gone soon 
            C             F 
maybe till the next noon 
              Em            F 
and your life will be so calm 
                   Em            F 
without sad pictures on your home 
nothing but happiness    Introdução : Am C, Am C 
Am            C                     Am 
no more mornings filled with smiles 
           C            F 
no more sensitive sighs 
               Em                  F         
cause the way you treated me today 
                Em                F           
showed me i'll never see you again 
                    Em            F        
i'm wearing so well this pain.  
Am C , Am C, Am C, Am C …… até o final