Donde Esta La Playa chords



Capo: 3st fret

chords repeat throughout song 

Cm                                               Bb  Cm  A#m  Cm 
       Well, it's back to the battle today. 
But I wouldn't have it any other way. 
Cause tonight we'll be crazy as kooks. 

Bb     Cm     A#m    Cm     Bb     Cm     A#m    Cm 
I'm dancing, grooving. This lovely wooden floor. 
The tom-toms are beating on. Eyes are so sore. 

Cm                                         Bb  Cm  A#m  Cm 
There is still sand in my suitcase. 
There is still salt in my teeth. 

I kissed her in the window. 
She covered up her face. 
She's pretty, Sherry. 
But I'm far, far too late. 

Someone said, man, let's take a drive. 
So here I am. So here I am. 

I crashed up a party, nickels and dimes, 
A handful of strangers, all friends of mine. 

I know that you're married, rings on your hand. 
So I didn't stay 'til the end. 

I don't need a Christmas card. 
You don't need to write. 
Last Christmas was black and blue, but this year is white. 

The void repeats, repeats a sound so deep in my head. 
Goodnight. Keep your shirt on. You can leave the way you came.