Brazilian Ska chords

Wesley Lorenzo


  			Intro: D D G G 

Eehô Eehô Brazilian Ska 
  D    D    G        G 
it's coming, will return on Clouds 
 D      G     G       G     D      D 
Be as a root, firmly planted 
D   D     G     G     D      D 
And then everything will end 
   G     G     G     D       D 
Know that he loves you 
D     D     G     G    G 
and always will Miracles in her lifetime 
G    D      D        G       G          D   D 
More so listen, my preaching, Read the Word, 
 G     G         G  D   D      D         G   D  D  G  G 
Preach, fight, his reward is Next 

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