Night Owls chords



Capo: 2st fret

  			She plays it on the 7th fret but i find that uncomfortable so this is with the  
Capo on the 2nd fret.  


G                   D 
   Morning dreads follow light 
   Am           D 
A lifted dawn, hungover night 
Am                                    D 
   Porch dwellin' dreamers who can't remember why they came 
    Am   C 
To sleepwalk 
     Am   Em 
And sweet talk 
C                      Bm    Am  
   To pluck your pretty petals until he loves you not 
He loves me not 

     G                         D         
So feast your eyes, then they disappear 
     Am                 D 
The young at heart, the insincere 
    Am                           D 
The well-meaning, troublemaking troubadours 
          Am           C 
And you toss, and you turn 
      Am           Em 
You live, and you learn 
C                              Bm             Am 
    Just when you thought you had it in your grasp, it flew away 
It flew away 

       G          Bm 
Like fireflies, fickle light,  
 Am              D 
burning holes into the night 
    All the night owls want to know,  
      D            Am   G 
Oh, where did the love go? 
      D            Am   G 
Oh, where did the love go?