Run to You chords

Whitney Houston


  			         G                Em
1. I know, that when you look at me,
                 Am             c
     there's so much that you just don't see,
           G               Em                     Am                 D
     but if, you would only take the time, I know in my heart you'd find,
      Em                                                    C    Cm
    o..h, a girl who's scared sometimes, who isn't always strong.
      G                              Am              D
    Can't you see the hurt in me? I feel so all alone.
                C           D                 G     E
I wanna run to you, ooh, I wanna run to you, ooh,
                Am                                      D
won't you hold me in your arms, and keep me safe from harm.
               C              D                 G         E
I wanna run to you, ooh, but if I come to you, ooh,
            Am                      c           D     G    C   G
tell me,    will you stay or will you      run away.
         G             Em                               Am          Cm
2. Each day, each day I play the role, of someone always in control,
                G                  Em
    but at night I come home and turn the key,
                  Am                      D
    there's nobody there, no one cares for me.
       Em                                              C      Cm
    O..h, what's the sense of trying hard to find your dreams,
        G                                  C                 D
    without someone to share it with, tell me what does it mean?