Bluebird chords

Will Gunter


  			(verse 1) 
Oh, did I miss everything? 
I woke when I heard the bluebird sing, 
Dreams of love and a silver ring, 
The world was right when I?s asleep 
Oh, when I rolled out of bed, 
I knew at once the bluebird dead, 
That sweet sleep was all I knew, 
But when day came, the dream withdrew 

Em   C             G         Bm7 
Ooo, now, when the sun comes out, 
       Em      C           D 
Will I see you walking for me, 
Em    G             C        Em 
Some,-how, when the sun goes down, 
  C         B/G                  Em 
I know that you?ll still be with me, 
C         B/G           F#   G 
Under the limbs of my Father?s tree 

(verse 2) 
First came Winter, then came Fall, 
I never heard the bluebird call, 
The dead are deaf, and still I weep, 
But I can't stop what I believe 

So burry me with my only worth, 
It's nothing in this lonely earth, 
I'm betting all I?ll ever own, 
That my bluebird has found a home 

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