Texas Like That chords

Zane Williams


Well he makes his own bullets 
        G            D 
and he makes his own luck 
         G              D 
he makes hard work look easy 
     A            G 
in a worn out old truck 

    G             D 
He's 88 and still workin' 
     G             Bm 
till he breaks his back 
          D           A 
you can't tell him no different 
           G          D 
cause he's Texas like that 

           G             D 
Well she's good with the horses 
          G            D 
and she's good with the kids 
       G             D           A        G 
she'll fight just as hard as any man ever did 
       G          D 
at the end of the waltz 
     G           Bm 
when you tip her back 
        D         A                 G          D 
she's a beautiful sight cause she's Texas like that