Reckless chords

Australian Crawl


Simplify chords 

  			Transcribed by: Glenn Higgins 
Riff 1 (Em  Bm)
  (D)      (D/C#bass) 

D	Dmaj7		D	Dmaj7 
D		          D/C#bass  
Meet me down by the jetty landing 
Cadd9			        D    Dsus4 D 
Where the the pontoons bump and spray 
D			  D/C#bass 
I see the others reading, standing 
Cadd9		   G			    D 		 
As the Manly Ferry cuts its way to Circular Quay 
D		          D/C#bass
Hear the Captain blow his whistle 
Cadd9			D Dsus4 D 
So long shes been away 
D			 D/C#bass 
I miss our early morning wrestle 
Cadd9	         G		  D		 
Not a very happy way to start the day 
Em  Bm	       Cadd9          G 
She don't like That kind of behaviour x 2 

D	D/C#bass	Cadd9  G 
So_____ throw down your guns 
Don't be so reckless 
D/C#bass	Cadd9 
Throw down your guns 
Don't be so
D			 D/C#bass 
Feel like Scott of the Antarctic 
Cadd9		     D Dsus4 D 
Base camp too far away 
D			  D/C#bass 
A Russian sub beneath the Arctic 
Cadd9		          G 
Burke and Wills and camels 
Initials in the tree (run down with notes G F# E on E string)
Em  Bm         Cadd9          G 
She don't like that kind of behaviour x 2 
Guitar Solo (Chords same as Verses) 
Chorus fades with soloing over the top.