Unpublished Critics chords

Australian Crawl


Intro: (C Bb F) 2X I'm just a C shy romantic with my eyes on the loose Bb I'm in a overcoarted way F A poet in a garret C You know some people say C Standing at the barline with my lip on the curl Bb I'm with the other lean and lear F My finger on the pulse C And my hand around a beer
G F C Ah, Ahh, well I don't wanna know what's going round here G F C Ah, Ahh, it's just a matter of time, hold it under light C F C Ah, Ahh, I've got to get away, to get away, to get away
C The singer in the band, he sweat on a pose Bb And he's really such a jerk F Thinks he can call me stupid C Because he gets a lot of work C I'm standing in the background, got my arms on the fold Bb And every dog's gonna have it's day F C The New Musical Express and my own 4-way P.A. (Refrão) C Well, I've been reading those biographies in paperback Bb I've got a death-wish that I can't explain F I've been working on the petulance C And the urchin took my name (Refrão)