A Moments Grace chords

Boy And Bear


Standard Tuning C Am Em Am C I wasnt born this way Am I been living a lie they say Em Am Somebody brought me to my knees well, I had everything F C So tell me would you please, how could I possibly have needed, so much more Am Em Am C The thing I was craving Am Was some kind of lady Em So I might find a friend Am F C Am and all the aching in my muscles as they hurt oh wont you put my hands to work to ease my mind G And you realise in a moments grace C F you've been unravelling the fabric of your coat G And you pick a line down the wall and trace Am till the end F C and when you walk back sorry with a fallen body like you should Em Am no i am not gonna die this way C Am Em Am C Maybe it was was the mould you see Am that was knocking the wall in me Em that I forgot just what it was that Am F i had needed to be for all the time id given C Am maybe i forgot what living was now for G and you realise in a moments grace C F you might just already be onto something good G and you pick a line on a call and trace Am because you can F and when it comes back heavy F C youll be more than ready like you should Em Am Cause i am not gonna die this way Am C Am C Am C Through a crack in the road it sprung Am a seedling warm and young Em stretching out for the sun Am its almost in Im giddy F For this time I might be winning F C as the moving lights that time of year lay still F G Am and as my body changes pace I seem to know again that Im not gonna die this way F C oh Ill hold my misses in a bed of kisses like I should Em Am Cause I am not gonna die this way