End Of The Line chords

Boy And Bear


Intro: G C G G The end of the line C A calamity at first sight Am Now the man in me don't walk right D D7 Just like a pebble in my shoe G C G But you were a wanderer; C And a competent one at that Am So it caught me by surprise this venerability D That I never thought I had Em But you tried so hard to say oh C G everything you wanted to Am G D But with an aching tongue- Am G D Oh you spat out at the world now not of words D7 C G but at the pearl that had belonged to her C G So I went back to the country C G where the air was mild and sweet Am I was in need of some reprieve and intermission D Oh to gather up my things and to get back upon my feet C G But I cant say I've got the answers C G For it's always shades of grey Am But there's a warmth in the air in mid-September D And its enough across my face just to C G C G Remind me that I'm well upon my way G And I feel the ease C Man I feel it tingle in my toes Am How funny are the way that these memories do grow D Into some old french film in black and white G C-G And I know the ropes C Because you see I've said goodbye to some lovers Am Fleshed out and tied to each other D By that invisible string it tangles me Em And when that morning came up fast well it C G Broke the fever square upon its back Am G D and finally I felt just like I should Am G oh the blood under my fingers warmed D C G the clearing of two month storm now done... C G So I went back to the country C G where the air's now bitter sweet Am as subtle is the change of my indifference D Oh but strange is how this solitude can beat a man complete C G and I can't wait 'till the morning; C G be it sunshine, hail or snow Am see I do not believe in superstition D But somewhere amongst this mess C G C G I may have found some happiness to call my own Am D7 Oh and time is a healer C G time is a friend of mine Am D7 in time if you feel it C G would you be a friend of mine C oh I hope you're a friend of mine