Better Off Alone chords



Intro: G, Em, Csus2, Am Verse1: G Em I never gave a reason, of why i didn't call G Em And now i've grown so tired, of lying to myself Pre-Chorus: Csus2 It cannot go unset, i only want you to know Am Csus2 Am Don't think it's all going to work out fine Chorus: G Em Are we better off alone? Then lying to ourselves Csus2 Em It cannot go unset, I only want you to know Verse2: And those that we admired, or stood their grounds to cry, I didn't start the fire, i only tried to see your eyes, Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge: Bm A Em I know, that my love Ascends, Could we Still be friends G A But this is the end Pre-Chorus Chorus Pre-Chorus

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