Don't Change chords


Australia Song: Don't Change Band: Grinspoon One of the best covers ever great inxs song Send you comments to email-removed Standard tuning e-a-d-g-b-e no timing just work it out yous should all be able to figure out where else to play the intro intro: volume swell on first note e|---------------- b|--10------------ g|----9h10-6h9---- d|------------9h11 a|---------------- e|---------------- This is played during the second time of the intro e|---------------- b|---------------- g|-2-------------- d|-2-------------- a|-0-------------- e|---------------- verse:pick slide at end of intro/start of verse e|------------------------ b|------------------------ g|---2--2----------4-/-7-- d|---2--2-6-4-4444-4-/-7-- a|---0--0-6-4-4444-2-/-5-- e|--\-----4-2-2222-------- pm-- Chorus: e|--------------9p0- b|-----------10----- g|---4-/-7---------- d|---4-/-7---------- a|---2-/-5---------- e|------------------ Dont Change part/outro: e|---------------- --- b|---------------- --- g|--11-9-6/7------ end on -2- d|--11-9-6/7------ -2- a|--9--7-4/5------ -0- e|---------------- --- Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi Mounty County All the way