Ready One chords


Album: Easy (Track 2) Tuning: Standard (E,A,D,G) Tabbed by: Michael Ritchie (The Bass Guitarist for False Fortune! Look out for us in Melbourne) VERSE G|--------------| 16 times D|-----0--------| A|--------------| E|767-2-333-4466| CHORUS G|---------------------------------| 2 times D|---------------------------------| A|---------------------------------| E|77-797-333-353-0000000000-1010-99| VERSE 6 times CHORUS 2 times VERSE 4 times BRIDGE G|-----------------------| 4 times D|-----------------------| A|------------767--------| E|767—-5554433---44455666| CHORUS 4 times VERSE 3 times FINISH WITH G|-----------------| D|-----0-----------| A|-----------------| E|767-2-333-5566767| This tab is perfect! Listen to the album for timing and your set. GO THE GRINNERS! Please rate this tab for me. By Michael Ritchie