Only One chords

John Butler Trio


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  			Only One  

John Butler Trio  


G   C  Em   G   C  Em  G   C  Em   G   C   Em 

verse 1 
G                  C      Em   G      Am        Em 
There's something haunting me running on thin ice 
      G      C    Em          G      Am        Em 
It's nothing you can see I do all I can to hide 
G         C      Em   G   Am         Em  
All the rolling days all the lonely nights 
G         C         Em    G   Am   Em 
You don't know your place all the fights 

Pre Chorus 
G         C       Em 
I keep on reading the same chapter 
G         C      Em               G 
I cannot breathe holding hiding truth 
            C    Em 
You always know when to say just let it go 

           G       C    Em 
To me you are the only one 
         G    C         Em 
Who can help unwind my tangled  mind 
         G         C       Em 
I am the seed but your the sun 
          G    C       Em 
I telling anybody tell everybody 
G   C    Em    G   C  Em 
Do do do do do do do do 

verse 2 
G                      C       Em 
Did that tell you man you can't fly 
          G                C           Em 
Did thaey clip your wings when you did try 
         G             C        Em 
Did they say you could when you can't 
        G                   C      Em 
Did you build your castles out of sand 

Pre Chorus