Zebra chords

John Butler Trio


Tabbed : Tom Francis (email-removed) Music & Lyrics (c) John Butler Key h : Hammer On p : Pluck / : Slide up \ : Slide Down b : Bend r : Release John plays this song in Open B or something, and if you are interested in finding a tab of this song in that tuning, head to http://www.johnbutlertrio.com to see it. This tab, however, is in Standard tuning if you don't have two guitars - or are like me and can't be bothered tuning your guitar differently :) Main Riff Alt Ending 1 Alt Ending 2 E---------------------------------| |-------------| |------------| B---------------------------------| |-------------| |------------| G---------------------------------| |-------------| |------------| D--7h9-9-9p7h9--------------------| |-------------| |------------| A--------------7h9-7h9--5-5-7p5h7-| |-7-7-8p7-5-7-| |------------| E---------------------------------| |-------------| |--5h7-5h7---| Verse B F# D E------------------| B------------------| G------------------| D--9-9--4-4--12-12-| A------------------| E--7-7--2-2--10-10-| Note: The verse consists of the above chords played as an octave as shown. Also the above are not indicative of timing. Alternate Riff E-------------------------------| B-------------------------------| G------9p8----------------------| D--7h9-----9--------------------| A------------7h9-7h9--5-5-7p5h7-| E-------------------------------| Solo After watching the film clip and seeing that John plays this with a slide, I've decided not to try and attempt to tab it. Just solo over B - F# - D Post Solo E------------------------------------------------------------| B------------------------------------------------------------| G------------------------------------------------------------| D----------------------------------------------------7-------| A--7--7-7-7h8-7-5-----7--7-7-7h8-7-5-----7-7-7-7-7-9---------| E-(0)-------------7--(0)-------------7--(0)------------------| E--------------------| B--------------------| G--------------------| D--------------------| A---7--7-7-7h8-7-5---| E--(0)-------------7-| ____________________________________________________________________ Sorry, I realise this tab's kind of all over the place, but it'll do Also, there are so many different fills and riffs that it's pointless to even attempt to do so. Oh well, have fun.