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John Butler Trio


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  						   Music & Lyrics by John Butler 
	          From the album "JBT" By The John Butler Trio 
Tabbed by - Shane 
Standard Tuning. 
Ok folks, this song is basically played holding a " G chord shape". You'll get what i mean  
once you give it a go. Basically your 3rd finger, or ring finger, is held in position when  
playing a G chord. It stays there throughout the song, while most of the fretting is done  
with your 1st and 2nd fingers. Ok, here we go, dont forget to get the strumming pattern  
down - pat, as it is extremely hard to tab out a strumming pattern. 
There are 2 riffs in this song, so once you've learnt them, you've got it! 
intro and verses. 
Ok, it might look a little difficult, but its not. The strumming is mainly focused on the  
bottom 3 strings. The fretted B string doesnt really get played, its there for ease of flowing  
into the chorus. Leaving your finger on the 3rd fret, also helps with the placement of your  
1st and 2nd fingers, which do all the work on the note selecting.( To make it sound easier,  
your 1st finger stays at the 2nd fret, and your 2nd finger stays at the 3rd fret. All they  
are doing is moving from string to string.)  
Also, dont try to sound each note by itself, it wont work. It has to be strummed at, so no  
pussy - footing around, just get in there and hit it! 
      Asus                   Cadd9                G                        D5 
Well thats it, im sure you can count how many verses etc, so just listen to the song to refine  
it. This is   how i seen john play it, and it is definately in standard tuning, cause he  
dropped the low E string to D to play his next song which was valley. So i would say that  
this tab is close to being perfect. 
Any corrections are welcome, we are all after the perfect tabs! Peace and enjoy! 
Send them to [email protected]