A Matter Of When chords

Kevin Fowler


Simplify chords 

Capo: 2st fret

Late off with the light bill 
     A           E 
That hasn't been paid 
And I've had a month 
   A            B 
Of one of those days 
    A               E 
And I've heard you gotta take 
    G#            A 
The good with the bad 
It seems like the bad times 
    F#m           B 
Are all that I've had 
Oh but lately I've been feeling 
   A             B 
A change in the wind 
Like one chapter's closing 
     A        B 
And another begins 
Oh my luck is bound to turn around 
It'll happen again 
            A          B          E 
I know it's all just a matter of when 
The rain is letting up 
The sun's on its way 
My half-empty cup 
Is half-full today 
And I've learned that tight turn's 
Just around the bend 
Off in the distance 
I see my ship coming in 
(Chorus 2x)