Is Anybody Going To San Antone chords

Kevin Fowler


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A D E A X2 
         A                     D 
Yeah the rain drippin' off the brim of my hat Lord  
E                 A 
Sure feels cold today 
Here I am walkin' down 66  
E                           A 
Wish she hadn't met me this way 
Sleepin' under the table at a roadside park 
E                 A 
Man could wake up dead 
Sure feels warmer than it did 
E                        A 
Sleepin' in my king-size bed. 
   A                D 
Is Anybody Going To San Antone 
   E          A 
Or Phoenix Arizona  
Anyplace is all right as long as I  
E                   A 
Forget I ever known her. 
A D E A X4 
          A                      D 
There's a wind whippin' down the neck of my shirt 
        E                 A 
Like I, ain't got nothin' on 
Yeah I'd rather be fightin' the wind and the rain 
     E                      A 
Than what I'd be figtin' at home. 
A D E A X4 
     A                            D 
Well yonder come a truck with the US mail 
E                             A 
People writtin' letters b-ack home 
Tomorrow she won't b-e back again Lord  
E               A 
I'll be just as gone. 
Chorus: X2  
A D E A X4 
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