Balll And Chain chords

Kevin Fowler


Simplify chords 

  			           A                           D 
Well, it started 'bout a month ago when I was in the can 
      E               A 
For firin' off my .44 at another man 
Ain't been too good at bustin' rock or workin' chain gang 
  E                           A 
Never could see me draggin' that ol' ball and chain 
  A        D            E               A 
Ball and chain, it's bringin' me down again 
Gotta keep runnin' gotta do my own thing 
          E                     A 
I could never drag a ball and chain 
             A                         D 
Well, you always kept sayin' how you think that I should stay 
     E                           A 
And we could get started on our own family 
Come along tomorrow I'll be on the mornin' train 
        E                             A 
Gonna boogie back to Texas couldn't drag your ball and chain 
            A                           D 
I used to wake up every mornin' and I'd do the rat race 
  E                           A 
Suit and tie, nine to five wouldn't my place 
Didn't take too long for me to understand 
          E                      A 
I could never be a blue collar workin' class man 
(chorus twice)