High On The Hog chords

Kevin Fowler


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  			G               C                 D                 G 
Girl until the day I met you my heart was  feelin' 
         G                        C 
I was  lookin' for a lover who wouldn't like any other 
       D                          G 
And thinkin' she could never be found 
         G                      C                   
I was searchin' high and low, honey don't you know 
          D                 G 
You were all I was lookin' for 
      G                      C 
Then you came along and my luck started changin' 
      D                  G 
I'm feelin' like never before 
            C              G 
You were lonely, you were only in my dreams 
          C      D 
Were so lonely, aw but now you got me livin' so 
  G   C      A     D 
High on the hog, girl you got me feelin' like 
 G   C       A              D 
I'm the top dog, like I've died and gone to heaven 
     G               C 
I'm on cloud nine, livin' mighty fine 
        A                       D 
You're all I ever wanted but thought I'd never find 
 G    C      A       D                             G 
High on the hog, my feet ain't even touchin' the 
       G                      C                 
Well, once I was a poor man never thought that love 
      D                 G 
was ever gonna come my way 
           G                       C 
Yea, the bottom of the barrel was all I ever saw I was 
  D                  G 
sinkin' lower every day 
        G                    C 
Not a penny to my name, my life ain't been the same  
           D                        G 
since you came walkin' through my door 
         G                         C        
Now I'm here in high cotton, I'm livin' mighty large, 
       D                  G  
I'm grinnin' like never before 
(chorus twice) 
     D                             G                
My feet ain't even touchin' the ground 
         D                              G 
Yea, my feet ain't even touchin' the ground