Political Incorrectness chords

Kevin Fowler


Simplify chords 

My truck has a rebel flag and a rifle rack 
There's a case or two of empty cans blowin' in the back 
Yeah I got an eight point buck strapped across the hood 
Exhaust pipe smokin' up the neighborhood 
C                    G                C 
These days guys like me, we don't fit in 

Yeah cuz I'm socially challenged 
Slightly off-balance 
So everybody says 
I'm a little off-center 
A public offender 
     D                   G 
It's how I was raised, I guess 
Ahh, If speakin' your mind is really a crime 
    C                Am 
I'm guilty, I must confess 
        D                G              C - F 
I'm the poster child for political incorrectness 
Sometimes I get too loud and I'm prone to cuss 
Everytime I fire up a cigarette I cause a fuss 
No I don't believe in global warming 
And I don't care 
About the size of the hole in the ozone layer 
These days guys like me just don't fit in 
         F                 D 
Yeah and I've learned everything I know 
      C                           Am 
From outlaws like Merle and David Allan Coe 
  D                      G               C 
I won't change one thing about the way I am 
Oh I'm just a redneck reject 
Who doesn't really give a heck 
C            Am 
What anybody says 
        D                G              C - F 
I'm the poster child for political incorrectness 
Yes I am 
Quick changes from C to F on the last line of the chorus 
Also, you can capo on the 3rd fret and play in "A"