Berserk Warriors chords

Mental As Anything


Simplify chords 

E                      Bm 
Bjorn is just a Viking 
F#m            A            E 
    He is very handy with a sword 
E                      Bm 
He loves nothing better 
F#m                A                     E 
   Than to cut and slash right through a horde 
E         Bm F#m          A 
Mutilation,    Jubilation 
E                  Bm F#m           A 
   Friendly muscles,    in a tussle 
E                   Bm 
Anna's a girl Viking 
F#m            A            E 
   She is very handy with a spear 
E                            Bm 
She won't wear silk stockings 
F#m              A               E 
   Armour-plated garmets are her sphere 
E            Bm F#m                A 
In the fjords,    you can hear them 
E                  Bm F#m               A 
   Eerie horns blow,    Viking love show 
E                          F#m    A 
Bjorn and Anna earnt their leisure 
E                              A        Bm 
They have each other for their pleasure 
E                       Bm 
Bjorn is on his longship 
F#m            A               E 
   He and Anna fought it out today 
E                        Bm 
Says it is their Waterloo 
F#m                  A                  E 
   Vikings shouldn't mix their work and play 
E                   Bm F#m             A   E 
All that blonde hair,    for them to share 
E              Bm F#m          A E 
So much plunder,    cut asunder 
E                                F#m  A 
Now when Bjorn and Anna see each other 
E                              A      Bm 
It's on the battlefield,not as lovers 
E      Bm      F#m     Bm        E 
 Those Vikings love to fight and play 
E         Bm      F#m  Bm 
 Fighting berzerk warriors 
Hey hey! 
E      Bm      F#m     Bm      E 
 Those Vikings love to f/muck around 
E         Bm      F#m 
 Fighting berzerk warriors 
Bm     E 
In the sound