If You Leave Me (can I come too) chords

Mental As Anything


Simplify chords 

  			INTRO - C - G x 4 
D                         A 
Words were exchanged last night 
 D                   A 
You could call it a fight 
D            A                       D 
It's such a shame I never thought we would 
               A                      A 
Wouldn't be so bad, if it weren't so good 
D                  A      D                A 
I've had enough of that, Other loves in days gone by 
D                 A 
It wasn't much I know 
D       A                     A 
Just enough, enough to make me cry 
C              G 
If you leave me can I come too 
 C            G 
We can always stay 
C                  G 
But if you leave me can I come too 
          F               G#   G 
and if you go, can I come too 
C - G x 4 
Dont let it happen again 
'cause that I couldn't take 
Once was quite enough 
It's easy to forgive 
Harder to forget 
C - G to end 
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