Saturday Night chords

Mr. Blonde


EP: RUBBER BULLETS TUNING: EADGBE TABBED BY: CC (email-removed) AND CALEB (email-removed) Woohoo! Finally a tab for Saturday Night. This is an awesome song. So easy, so much fun to play and sounds so good on your own... WOW! Gotta love this band. They write some of the best songs... MR.BLONDE.MR.BLONDE.MR.BLONDE.MR.BLONDE.MR.BLONDE.MR.BLONDE.MR.BLONDE INTRO WHICH IS ALSO THE VERSE: B D A E TOWARDS THE END PLAY F# e--2-2--2-2-----------------------------------2-2-2-2-- B--2-2--3-3--2-2------------------------------2-2-2-2-- G--4-4--2-2--2-2--1-1-------------------------3-3-3-3-- D--4-4-------2-2--2-2-------------------------4-4-4-4-- A--2-2------------2-2-------------------------4-4-4-4-- E--2-2----------------------------------------2-2-2-2-- Saturday night, your senses.......... BRIDGE: THIS PROGRESSION: E F# e---------2---- B---------2---- G--1------3---- D--2------4---- A--2------4---- E---------2---- I really don?t know..... CHORUS: B E A F# e--2-----------2----- B--2-------2---2----- G--4---1---2---3----- D--4---2---2---4----- A--2---2-------4----- E--2-----------2----- Could be wrong or maybe I could be right... SOLO: e--------------------------------------------- B--12-11-12-11-12-11-12-11-12-11-12-11-12-11-- G--------------------------------------------- YOU GET THE IDEA D--------------------------------------------- A--------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------- THEN THIS: e--------------------------------------------- B--10-12-------------------------------------- G--------11----9----11----12---14-14b-14b-14b- D--------------------------------------------- A--------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------- LYRICS: VERSE: Saturday night, your senses send a reel in Nothing goes right You get a funny feeling, flickers of light I move along the ceiling, just then I think BRIDGE: I really don?t know what is going on here It?s getting really weird CHORUS: Could be wrong or maybe I could be right I always get this feeling on a Sautrday night You know and oh no too But I do I do do! VERSE: Saturday night and something seems to grip me Something?s not right The moment then it hits me, I?ve been here before The feeling kinda fits me Should I leave now BRIDGE: Or maybe I should go or maybe I should stay oh Haven?t felt the same old way CHORUS SOLO CHORUS