Stars & Stripes chords

Mr. Blonde


EP: RUBBER BULLETS TUNING: EADGBE TABBED BY: MARTIN CONLON AND CC (email-removed) ****CC says: "Thanks for pissing off on me Marty"**** This song is just the same chords played over and over. The solo is also played twice, but who?s complaining? Is anyone starting to think that Mr Blonde only know four chords? That?s cool though cos they happen to be the only four I know. There are no words. I have no idea what Ken is saying. CHORD PROGRESSION: B A E B e--2-----------2--- B--4---2-------4--- G--4---2---1---4--- D--4---2---2---4--- A--2---0---2---2--- E--2---0---0---2--- SOLO: e-------------------------------------------------------- B----------4---4--4-------------------4---4--4----------- G--4-4-2-4---4---4--7-5-3-4---4-4-2-4---4---4--7-5-3-4--- D-------------------------------------------------------- A-------------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------- That?s it. You?ll find where everything goes yourself. Told you it wasn?t much. It?s all I can make out anyway. I need some help with ?Alice? so if anyone knows it could they post it up???