Come up and see me (Make me smile) chords

Nick Barker


PARTE 1 ( G D A A4 A) "You've done it all You've broken every code And pulled the rebel to the floor You've spoilt the game No matter what you say For only metal, what a bore PARTE 2 ( G D G D A A4 A) Blue eyes, blue eyes How can you tell so many lies? REFRAO ( G D A Em ) Come up and see me, make me smile I'll do what you want, running wild PARTE 1 ( G D A A4 A) There's nothing left All is gone and run away Maybe you'll tarry for a while It's just a test A game for us to play Win or lose, it's hard to smile PARTE 2 ( G D G D A A4 A) Resist, resist It's from yourself you'll have to hide REFRAO ( G D A Em ) Come up and see me to make me smile I'll do what you want, running wild GUITAR!
SOLO PARTE ACUSTICA e--------------------------------- B--------------------------------- G--4-2--4-4--2h4h2---------------- D--------------------------------- A--------------------------------- E--------------------------------- e--------------------------------- B--------------------7-7-7-------- G---4-4-4-4-6-7/9----------------- D--------------------------------- A--------------------------------- E--------------------------------- e--------------------------------- B--7-8-7-7-/-5-5-5/-3-3-3/2--2-2-- G--------------------------------- D--------------------------------- A--------------------------------- E--------------------------------- e--------------------------------- B--------------------------------- G-2/4-4-4-4/2--2-2-2-------------- D---------------------5-4--------- A-------------------------5-2----- E--------------------------------- SOLO PARTE GUITARRA e--------------------------------- B--------------------------------- G---11b13--7-----7h9-7b9---7------ D-------------9----------9-------- A--------------------------------- E--------------------------------- e--------------------------------- B--------------------------------- G--------------------------------- D--7-9-7/5-4-5-4------------------ A----------------5-5-------------- E--------------------------------- e--------------------------------- B--------------------------------- G--------------------------------- D--------------------------------- A---------5---7~~----------------- E---5--7-------------------------- e--------------------------------- B--------------------------------- G----------------------7b9-------- D----------------7-7-------------- A---7h5-----7/9------------------- E--------7------------------------ e--------------------------------- B--------10------12--10----10/2--- G--9/11------11---------11-------- D--------------------------------- A--------------------------------- E---------------------------------
PARTE 1(G D A A4 A) There ain't no more You've taken everything From my belief in Mother Earth Can you ignore now my faith in everything? 'Cos I know what faith is And what it's worth PARTE 2 ( G D G D A A4 A) Away, away And don't say maybe you'll try REFRAO ( G D A Em ) Come up and see me to make me smile I'll do what you want, running wild PASSAGEM (G D G D A E)
e------------------------ B------------------------ G------------------------ D------------------------ A----------2-3----------- E---5-3-5-------5-2-3---- e------------------------ B------------------------ G------------------------ D---------------2--4-5--- A----------2-3----------- E---5-3-5---------------- e------------------------ B------------------------ G------------------------ D--5/7-7-7/9--7-/5~~----- A------------------------ E------------------------
REFRAO ( G D A Em ) Come up and see me to make me smile I'll do what you want, running wild REPETE PASSAGEM C'MON REFRAO ( G D A Em ) Come up and see me to make me smile I'll do what you want, running wild OBs: ALGUMAS VEZES NA MUSICA APARECE UMA GAITA DE BOCA EU IMPROVISEI ASSIM
e------------------------ B---12b14---------------- G---------12------------- D------------------------ A------------------------ E------------------------