Gold chords

Nick Barker


Simplify chords 

  			intro    Am    F 
              Am    F 
               Am         F                       Am            F 
               hey,hey, what did i learn, today 
                Am                F                        Am        F 
                An ill wind, can flutter a dream, away 
                C                 G    
                Often fooled, but never foolish 
                Em                             F 
                My mineshaft leads me down 
                    Am       F                Am        F 
                To Gold                    To Gold 
                Am    F                              Am        F 
                Tiny, mountain of doubt, and fear 
                Am                    F                                Am    F 
                As the day went, I see your face, and its near 
                              C                 G 
                I've made up my mind, this time we want you 
                Em                        F 
                This time you can stay 
                        Am        F            Am        F 
                You're gold            You're gold 
                Am        F        Am        F 
                Am        F        Am        F 
                              C                G 
                With your little hands, hold on to this thought 
                Em                  F 
                Hold on all the way 
                Am        F            Am         F 
                Gold            yeah pure gold 
                       Am            F 
                You're Gold 
Not sure about the Em chord, and i don't know the piano part. Feel free to add or change.  
Also feel free to submit other Nick Barker songs.