California chords

Paradise Motel


Transcribed by Stephen Cobb (email-removed) Riff 1 e-|-0-0-0-0 B-|-0-2-3-2 G-|-2-2-2-2 D-|-0-0-0-0 D (lifting and adding 2nd finger) California Days; when I first met him love stains on an emerald sweater Dsus4 Asus2 He said he would never leave me. Dsus4 Asus2 He said, hey, I love ya, baby, Riff 1 Too Much >From "then I moved to the San Remo Valley" to "I was a cowgirl" follows the same pattern. The acoustic guitar in the "With my hair down around my shoulders" parts is still playing riff 1 (I think...) Thats about it...